Fellow members of the HN community, welcome.

If you are an active HN reader, this book might not be for you. You are probably aware of most of the things that I talk about in this book, and might even know them more deeply than I will ever do.

This book might appear trivial to you. You might feel that it skips over essential topics (file an issue, and I'll consider). You might think I don't know enough of the things I'm writing about.

As an answer to that, you need to understand that this book is not meant for you. It is meant for the fresh undergraduate who knows the basics of programming, but has no clue about the real industry. It is meant for the software developer in India looking to learn something beyond Java. It is meant for the fresh intern that you just hired and who has no clue why he can't force push to master.

So, please keep that in mind when you read this book. If you find it a good read, recommend it to your friends and peers. If you think the book is not serving its purpose, please file an issue and let me know why. I want this to be the book that HN readers recommend to someone new to the community.

You can file an issue on GitHub if you want to suggest edits, topics or offer any criticism.

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